Demand response modeling considering Interruptible/Curtailable loads and capacity market programs


H. Alami, M. Parsa Moghadam, G.R. Yousefi, “Demand response modeling considering Interruptible/Curtailable loads and capacity market programs”, Elsevier, Applied Energy Journal, pp. 243-250, Jan. 2010, 87 (2010) 243–250

Recently, a massive focus has been made on demand response (DR) programs, aimed to electricity price reduction, transmission lines congestion resolving, security enhancement and improvement of market liquidity. Basically, demand response programs are divided into two main categories namely, incentive-based programs and time-based programs. The focus of this paper is on Interruptible/Curtailable service (I/C) and capacity market programs (CAP), which are incentive-based demand response programs including penalties for customers in case of no responding to load reduction. First, by using the concept of price elasticity of demand and customer benefit function, economic model of above mentioned programs is developed. The proposed model helps the independent system operator (ISO) to identify and employ relevant DR program which both improves the characteristics of the load curve and also be welcome by customers. To evaluate the performance of the model, simulation study has been conducted using the load curve of the peak day of the Iranian power system grid in 2007. In the numerical study section, the impact of these programs on load shape and load level, and benefit of customers as well as reduction of energy consumption are shown. In addition, by using strategy success indices the results of simulation studies for different scenarios are analyzed and investigated for determination of the scenarios priority.

Elasticity; Demand response; Interruptible/Curtailable service; Capacity market program

January, 2010


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