A New Approach for Pricing of Primary Frequency Control in Deregulated Environments


G. Reza Yousefi, M. Mahmoudian, O. Amanifar, A. Maghami “A New Approach for Pricing of Primary Frequency Control in Deregulated Environments”, 19th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, 17-19 May 2011, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. ICEE2011.

Frequency Control (FC) is one of the most important duties of the system operator which is done in different levels called primary, secondary and tertiary controls. These three levels keep generation and consumption balanced. The first level is primary frequency control (PFC). This is a local automatic control that stabilizes frequency. This control holds frequency at permissible range determined by the system operator. The aim of secondary and tertiary FC is frequency recovery to its nominal value and recovery of the primary reserve. In deregulated environments, competition opportunity must ideally be prepared among all of the participants for energy and ancillary services, as well as FC. So far, a great deal of works have been done for secondary and tertiary control, while less attention has been taken to PFC. This service is mandatory in generation side in the vast majority of markets all over the world. In this paper, an approach is presented for PFC pricing to those generators which participate in this service. Simulation results on Iranian Grid, as a large scale power system, are presented using DigSilent package.

May, 2012


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