A MADM-based Support System for DR Programs


H. Aalami, G.R. Yousefi, M. Parsa Moghaddam,“A MADM-based Support System for DR Programs”, 43th International Universities Power Engineering Conference, 1-4 September 2008, UPEC 2008, Padova, Italy.

Demand side management (DSM) is called demand response (DR) in the deregulated power markets. The goals of the DR programs in the electricity power markets are different and sometimes are contradicted to each other in which they could not be optimized simultaneously. Power systems regulators try to use multi criteria decision making (MCDM) to overcome with these issues. In this paper, we first review time based programs (TBP) of DR methods and then will formulate them by means of ldquocustomer benefit functionrdquo and ldquoelasticity coefficientsrdquo. Then we will introduce goals, objectives and desired criteria in regulatory or independent system operator (ISO) point of view. As a case study, we will show the simulated results on a load curve of the IEEE-RTS test system, and we will extract the priority of DR programs based on a multi attribute decision making (MADM) method and finally we will choose the best alternative to achieve to the DR benefits.

September, 2008


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