A Fuzzy Game Scheme for Unit Maintenance Scheduling with Uncertain Cost Factors


A. H. Bozorgi, M.M. Pedarm, G. Reza Yousefi, “A Fuzzy Game Scheme for Unit Maintenance Scheduling with Uncertain Cost Factors”, Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, 28-31 March 2010, Chengdu, China.

In a competitive electricity market, Gencos should schedule their generators' maintenance plan to maximize their profit. Many of previous works are concentrated on short term bidding strategies. Besides, in the mid-term plan, several items such as reliability, fuel, pollution, and risk constraints are considered. Unit Maintenance Scheduling (UMS) has a significant effect on the Genco's profit in a competitive electricity market. In a regulated power system, UMS is usually determined by a central system, such as System Operator (SO). On the other hand, in a de-regulated power system, UMS is determined through multiple interactions between the market players, mainly Gencos and SO. Considering these, it would be a desire to solve both short term and mid-term problems, in a single framework. In this case, Gencos can offer a price curve with an outlook to mid-term goals in a game-theoretic approach. The approach would be based on some predictions of parameters such as production cost factors. This article, addresses the uncertainty in the cost factors in a fuzzy game theoretic scheme and experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

March, 2010


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